Scrambled Eggs

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10 Minutes


כובע לוגו


10 Minutes

In addition to its taste, this dish is also rich with protein. It’s great as an after workout meal (or as a meal a few hours prior to your workout)! it’s extremely quick and easy to make, plus you can make a big batch and eat it for 3 days straight!
You can add other spices, but that’s really not necessary.

לוגו צמח


1 small onion or ⅓ leek

1 pack champignon or forest mushrooms.

1 big tomato

1 tofu pack (300g) – I used kadita

2 tbsp nutritional yeast

⅓ tsp  turmeric powder

½-¾ tsp black indian salt (kala namak)

⅓ tsp regular salt


What to do

10 minutes

+Slice the onion and mushrooms, dice the tomato.
+“Fry” the onion in a pan with a little water (there is no need for oil, trust me!).
+After the onion has softened add the mushrooms.
+After the mushrooms have softened add the tomato.
+Add the salt (you don’t need more than a ⅓ tsp).
+Constantly add a dash of water to prevent the vegetables from sticking to the pan.
+When the tomato is soft crumble in the tofu. you can use a fork or a grater, but you don’t have to.
+Add the rest of the ingredients.
+Gradually add the black Indian salt due to its strong flavor, not everyone likes its taste.
+While scrambling the tofu on the pan keep adding water.
+After about 5 minutes your scrambled eggs are ready.

חביתה מקושקשת - בהכנה

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